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NOTEBUYER - Selling your Installment Notes and Contracts

Hello I am Bob Moore, President of Cash Financial Services and we want your business. 

Over 30 years of helping businesses nationwide with Commercial Loans, Equipment Financing and Invoice Factoring.

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NOTEBUYER - We buy Installment Notes and Contracts.

Owner Financed Notes - If you have sold property and taken back a mortgage or deed of trust and are now collecting payments from the buyer however now you would prefer cash.

We can help. There is no cost to you.  We will give you a price quote to see how much your note is worth.

Individuals: We buy owner financed Notes
We purchase:
Residential real estate notes/contracts;
Commercial real estate notes/contracts;
Land-only notes/contracts/
Loan portfolios;
Structured settlements;
Simultaneous closings;
Full and partial purchases.

There are a variety of reasons people consider selling their payments for cash:

Investment opportunities;
Expensive medical care;
Vacation or college tuition;
Unexpected financial changes;
Peace of mind;
Being free from the worry of receiving late payment or having to foreclosure on the buyer;
Accounting nightmares, IRS regulations and paperwork hassles;
and the list goes on.


Business Owners--why wait for your money?
We buy Installment Notes and Contracts.

We offer Billing to Purchase Program, this comprehensive billing allows the client to create cash flow from contracts that cannot be purchased immediately. Non-qualifying contracts are serviced in our billing department and the cash flow is remitted to you monthly. When these contracts have seasoned, they may be eligible to future purchase.

This is a great program for medical doctors including lasik eye surgery and cosmetic surgery.

Yes, we purchase Installment Notes and Contracts from Health and Fitness Clubs and dating clubs; including Career Colleges like Cosmetology and Trucking Driving.

Each industry is unique and so is each client within any given industry. We treat each deal differently. Many clients have maintained long-standing business relationships because of our ability to respond to their needs with effective solutions. We want your business.

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Equipment Financing - any type of equipment - new or used - Click here for more information on Equipment Financing  

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CASH FLOW is the key to all businesses


We can Turn Invoices to CASH in 24 hours.  Invoice Factoring does not create any debt.  No more calling past due accounts and waiting on your money.  Yes, we offer Purchase Order Funding but the first step is Factoring.

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Yes – we do truck financing and trailer financing.

We like Truckers, Over the Road Truckers, Owners Operators Truckers, one unit Truckers, multi-unit Truckers, For-Hire Carriers Truckers and we will fund startups Truckers.


New or Used Truck or Trailer - just complete the Truck Financing

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Yes we do Truck Factoring.

We can Turn your Invoices to Cash in 24 hours.  Why wait 30, 60 or 90 days for your money?  No more calling past due accounts.  No more waiting on a check in the mail.

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Hospitals, Doctors, Nurses and Healthcare.

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Employee Benefit Program - Another service we offer is Employee Benefit Program for Pre-Paid Legal Services. A great service without costing the Employer a penny.

The cost to your employees is $15.95 monthly, *in most States.

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Pre-Paid Legal Services
I want you to consider another service that we offer to our clients, Pre-Paid Legal Services.

Pre-Paid Legal Services is a service that everyone needs and can afford.  In most States, the cost is $17.00 per month, that is only 56 cents a day to get legal advice and legal help.

I invite you to try this service for two months.  I want you to receive an updated WILL.  You can stop the service anytime with a phone call.


We have specialized programs for families, truck drivers, school teachers, policemen and small business owners.


For an additional $9.95 per month, identify theft coverage can be included.

Pre-Paid Legal Services, Inc. is over 30 years old, with over 1.5 million members nationwide.

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